Easy WoW Gold From Questing

Tired of just running around whacking mining nodes to get your fix of gold to be able to buy that new epic flying mount you’ve always wanted but have never gotten yet? Are you tired of just doing linear things to make your money (ex : killing the same monster over and over again)?

Well, with a non-linear way and the amounts of gold you can make from it you have never thought about with hundreds to choose from, it’s easy to switch over in no time with the benefits from questing!

Questing you think, “How does that make money?! I thought it was just for experience!”

Well, every quest gives at least some reward for completing it, other than just that experience you may receive, wether it may be a small amount of bronze coins, or a green axe, the possibilities are huge! Also, at level 70, since you aren’t able to get any more experience from quests the experience you were supposed to get from that quest changes over to gold, raking in even more and more money! (Every experience you receive you get six copper for that, think of the money you’ll make!)

Woah, before we set off showing off some quests that may be available to you, maybe we need to think of something first. When you get that screen which gives you a selection of four green items, and you don’t need any of them, which do you choose? The rule of thumb, the stronger in melee combat it will be essentially it will be more to sell to the vendor. That’s usually the case, but that’s not always true the whole time! That’s why we have our great friend, the databases! Take a look at WoWHead if you aren’t sure at the moment and hover over the rewards, they should tell you the amount of gold it can be sold to the vendor; making money from quests can be sometimes take a little research, so be ready to look some quest items up and see which one sells the most to the vendor.

If you are level seventy, the possibilities for making money from quests are endless for you; you will find a multitude of quests available to you all over Azeroth and the Outlands. Assuming you have completed the pre-requisites for some of the daily quest factions, you can be able to make about ten gold a quest from each daily quest; think about the money you can make from those!

If you’re not sure where to start your pre-requisites to get your daily quests, get a flying mount and speak to the nice Draenei lady near the flightmaster in Shattrath; she’ll direct you with a quest to do before being able to get your daily quests.

Also, daily quests can be found at Thrallmar/Honor Hold, your respective faction’s quest hub in Nagrand, any capital city for battleground quests, and Terokkar for your PvP side of you. Along with some gold, you’re able to snatch up some honor for that new PvP gear, got two birds with one stone, eh?

Along with those daily quests there is yet another faction you have to please before doing some quests for them which is the Ogri’La in which you will find an orc sitting where all the vendors are in the Lower City which will direct you to some quests to complete before being able to work for the Ogri’La. Ever wanted to do instances, but never had a reason to other than just for fun? Tell your friends that there’s a daily instance quest for normal and heroic sides of an instance!

Completing these quests will give you badges of justice, enabling you to get amazing gear from the vendor in Shattrath! Finding these quests is easy enough, just speak to the Wind Trader Zhareem and Nether Stalker Mah’Duun near the orphanage for your dose of daily instances. Finishing up, we have the Shattered Sun Offensive which offers a large number of daily quests which can be obtained either from Shattrath, the Throne of Kil’Jaden and the Sunwell Isle.

Finishing up with faction daily quests, we have the Netherwing which has a very large number of daily quests to complete to finish up your twenty five allotted daily quests for the day. Though, with this number of daily quests, there has to be a pre-requisite to the Netherwing! Oh yes, you must have your epic flying mount to be able to complete quests for them; make sure you grab yours before trying to go for the Netherwing quests.

But, if you aren’t 70, you might not have a wide range of quests to do for your money. Do not fear! The databases are here, with WoWHead and other database sites having features to be able to list quests through filters around your specified level, you can find a multitude of quests to do! But, to do these quests efficiently here are some tips to look out for.

First, make sure if you want to do some quests, look for the largest number of quests in one area first, to make sure you can stay there long enough and not go back again, wasting money on flying costs. Next, take a scan on the quest objectives, making sure you don’t have to travel all over the place!

Don’t waste time taking the wind rider all over the place in the time you could be killing those boars, or escorting the princess out of the cave! Also, when deciding on the quests in the area you want to do, find the ones you can stack up. For example, if one asks you to kill an amount of harpies, and another one asks you to get some feathers from the harpies, do them at the same time! Don’t do them separately, you don’t want to run back all the way to the town and go back to the same place where you could’ve done them at once.

Finally, make sure doing that quest will reward you with a good enough reward; some of the old world quests have some similar quests that do the same thing but give widely different amounts of awards. So, pick out the quests that will give you the best amount of money for the time put into it! Knowing this, you are able to save a lot of time and make questing gold efficiently!

With these things in mind, maybe from the start of the article you have learned some tips of doing quests efficiently and quickly and make the most money out of them along with some ways to start up those daily quests! Happy questing!