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In the latest trailer of Albion Online, everything is looks well, especially for the trailer of the Galahad update, it clearly show off a new UI that should make the game easier to play, particularly in tablet screens. In addition, we can see the new landscape and biome cities introduced to the game and see how big the game world is.

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p to now, Mu Online are all trying to get the best wings possible, while fighting for the sake of the MU universe, nonetheless, we were not clearly aware about the complete story hidden behind the name of MU. Mu Legend Zen is essential, and it’s time to buy it.


As we all know, Mu Legend as Mu Online sequel, and with the help of an insane amount of new content as well as Unreal Engine 3’s promotion, and Mu Legend brings back specificities of MU online such as the Wings and the Blood Castle in a new optimized client and more. Mu Legend Power Leveling can help gamers to get a higher level, and level is higher, and the game world is richer.

The game takes place in a segmented map setup. What this means is that instead of having one massive world, you are skipping from one zone to another over much smaller sections. This is in both dungeons and the open world, such that if you ever travel for a couple minutes, you are likely going to be hitting a section that takes you to a new area of the world.

In the beginning of the game, enemy mechanics are very easy to deal with. Most of it is based on just attacking, with no real regard to what your enemy is doing, and as you progress, there start to be a few battles where you need to watch for red area (“fire,” or AoE). These can be a little unforgiving at times, but they are fairly basic, so catching on is pretty easy. More in-game tricks, and there will offers more:

Square Enix Discussed The Possibility Of Nintendo Switch

The developers of Final Fantasy XIV enjoy bringing other elements to the game, so, Square Enix made a number of announcements about Final Fantasy XIV and its Stormblood expansion. Additionally, it’s now been confirmed that Square Enix discussed the possibility of a Nintendo Switch edition of the game as well as confirmed a PS4 Pro patch.04101Official news point out that the Stormblood expansion of Final Fantasy XIV launches on June 20, at the same time, PC-PS3 support will be end. Aside from the new areas to exlpore, the Samurais. Another new class, dungeons, raids, a residential and much more also were added the Stormblood. For more informations about Final Fantasy XIV, which includes its release details, more guides or tips, tricks, you can be found more here:

Square Enix is expected to bring the MMORPG to as many systems as possible. Nonetheless, it doesn’t necessarily means that it will come to the Switch. In Final Fantasy XIV, there are 5 new main scenario quests, in addition, there are aslo new side quests, anima weapon quests, side story quests as well as beast tribe quests, chronicles of a New Era quests.

Even if Final Fantasy XIV is now available worldwide, but, for PSO 2, it still as a Japan-only title. According to anticipated, Final Fantasy XIV will be brings more new changes and improvements. In conclusion, Final Fantasy XIV has itself astonishing value, with time push away, it will continue to grow and expand over time. The demand of Final Fantasy XIV Gil is huge, especially for at ffxiv4gil.