Talk about diablo 3 weapons and equipment valuation learn attribute

Because of the Diablo iii open market, making equipment Diablo 3 Gold price entirely by demand influence, not a price standard value. But, we can through the professional and market understanding, the first identify a piece of equipment price interval and gourmet degree, next, we will give you a detailed popularization in diablo iii equipment appraisal way.

First of all, every time we play to a piece of equipment, to see if it belongs to which part, because every parts of the equipment random properties are different, so we can also through this characteristic to allocate our hero needs attribute, let’s analyze each place equipment hot property.

Don: we also is a weapon base DPS comparable to the judgment is a equipment of a levels, at present the fine one-handed weapon judgment principle is “more than 800, more than 1000 acura one-handed weapon; Two-handed weapons “1300-1500 is relatively good;

Insert hole and crit damage: insert hole meaning lies in the can give Diablo 3 Items on weapons is a critical strike damage gem, and critical strike damage because of mass ascension DPS, is a good weapon judgment standard. So if there is no this two word, can say basically is not the mainstream of the need for weapons. What’s more, can sacrifice a lot of boxed DPS, exchange for high (190% – 200%) of the crit damage, so as to enhance the overall DPS (haematemesis flow witch doctor, etc is not within the scope of discussion).

Hit reply: hit recovery is widely used in all kinds of professional build a core attributes, which are mainly applied in the barbarian, monk, and push XiongLiu witch doctor and build, if a weapon with high hit reply (800 and above), so its value will greatly improve.

The main properties and physical: icing on the cake properties, but without the above these main attribute, only have high main properties and physical fitness is sell out high.

Here the main introduction is the mainstream weapons value judgment, so can say that a boxed not outstanding, missed the recovery and crit damage D3 Gold weapons, is the basic will not become a high DPS weapons. 

The Diablo 3 Cabalist deputy adder choose tips

Several legendary deputy adder new version of Diablo III appear confusing to many people, especially the triple, because not intuitive percentage of elemental damage converted into some kind of single indicators, such as injury or intelligence for use in a number of instruments used in the AH to make a choice.

My experience recently visiting the AH sorted out some ideas and want to be able to help friends to find instruments used in AH. This experience first assume that you are ready to find the instruments used in a maximize DPS back to Peru / physical / find magic / armor and so on. All no matter. If you do not think the content of the following does not necessarily apply if you lack of Diablo 3 Gold, but should still be a valuable reference.

First of all, the most accurate judgment is based on the calculation. For your convenience, I have done a simplified version of the state form, filled in accordance with the content of the prompt, you can get the final DPS. The DPS has to consider the effect of the addition of elemental damage. If you fill in the attack speed data sufficiently accurate, the ultimate DPS results and the actual error in the one-thousandth. The formula speed “tarascha secret. This form in addition to help select the instruments used, and can answer like 1% elemental damage DPS instruments with a range of issues important intellectual high damage important “. You only need to adjust the data to see what different results. 

Magician on the breastplate of the high-end choice in Diablo 3

Diablo 3 1.0.4 has entered its fourth week, legendary items have become popular recently, many of my friends to the chest choice post asked. First of all, the chest is the most important . Adam needed Eve, the boss needs a beautiful secretary, the owner needs maid Beckham need to Victoria, no matter what the time can not be missing sister. A good chest, of course, can not do without. The so Louzhu three holes basic as a good chest. Next look the Master select few legendary chest.

Zhigao resistant three holes + attack speed, if there is a full anti-armor can be said is perfect chest, which is why the whole anti-tower clothing so expensive. Tower two random properties clothing, do not blindly pursue full anti-fact, according to individual ability. Physical strength, armor, and material resistant, fire resistant, life% are also very practical. Properties, the price is indeed worse times. So, Louzhu feel resistance to certain foundation, need intuitive enhance panel the DPS, IAS needs such as unlimited ice Handed Weapon Master, and so recommended to Diablo 3 Gold.

Feature is that people have in other parts, equipped with the energy and the money to spend to increase. The progenitor clothing 1.0.4 legal systems with the most legendary chest. Comprehensive basic attributes, as well as practical suit property. Compared to the price of the clothes of a single piece of the whole anti-tower clothing, there is a very big price advantage. Perfect to make up for the loss on the DPS from the suit property. Comes with full anti-suit property is ancestral clothing advantage, but said such shortcomings, The the ancestral sets usually out 1-2 sets attributes, and can choose part of our Master is the only remaining shoes and rings. The progenitor of the whole anti-shoe, more than 2 attack attribute the ancestral ring are astronomical, the need to put in a lot of Diablo 3 Gold AH Dunshou time.

When panel DPS10 million when benefits is 11000, the basic and the three holes is almost the same or and said slightly winner. You will be asked what strange demons blame it? The example I can think of all Farm Act III only zombie, the Darter fat mage, bat, burrowed insects are not the devil. Others are demons Class. Of course, all of the second act than the column behind Boss also belong to the the devil elite class can enjoy the perfect addition. This property growth is very high, we can imagine under 200,000 DPS 15% increase is really terrible. Another neglected point is probably moving speed.


What is the Diablo Three Guide That truly Operates

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