The Diablo 3 Cabalist deputy adder choose tips

Several legendary deputy adder new version of Diablo III appear confusing to many people, especially the triple, because not intuitive percentage of elemental damage converted into some kind of single indicators, such as injury or intelligence for use in a number of instruments used in the AH to make a choice.

My experience recently visiting the AH sorted out some ideas and want to be able to help friends to find instruments used in AH. This experience first assume that you are ready to find the instruments used in a maximize DPS back to Peru / physical / find magic / armor and so on. All no matter. If you do not think the content of the following does not necessarily apply if you lack of Diablo 3 Gold, but should still be a valuable reference.

First of all, the most accurate judgment is based on the calculation. For your convenience, I have done a simplified version of the state form, filled in accordance with the content of the prompt, you can get the final DPS. The DPS has to consider the effect of the addition of elemental damage. If you fill in the attack speed data sufficiently accurate, the ultimate DPS results and the actual error in the one-thousandth. The formula speed “tarascha secret. This form in addition to help select the instruments used, and can answer like 1% elemental damage DPS instruments with a range of issues important intellectual high damage important “. You only need to adjust the data to see what different results.